I think that altering images is ethical as long as it does not intentionally distort reality. For example, editing a picture so that a girl is unrealistically thin is unethical in my opinion, but editing a picture so that acne or a temporary blemish is removed is fine because it isn’t lying about anything. Editing tourists out of a picture of the Eiffel Tower is fine because it isn’t altering the tower itself. Editing a picture so that it intentionally tells a lie is unethical.

The difference between journalism and marketing is that the purpose of journalism is to tell the truth. Sharing photos that are intentionally used to misrepresent information is especially unethical as people look to the news for information. With marketing, it is a bit different because most people expect companies to make their products look good, thus are more inclined to take the pictures with a grain of salt.

When developing a design plan, it is important to keep in mind how you are representing truth. It is ok to edit pictures and make them look better, as long as it won’t intentionally mislead viewers.  



Water Saving Tips: 

Appeal – The image flows nicely, it’s fun, and it has interesting graphics (like the hippo) that peak curiosity

Retention – The image visualizes concepts with images and numbers so people realize how much little things add up and get a more complete idea of how these tips could impact them

Comprehension – The image uses simple language and measurements that are easy to comprehend, visual hierarchy to show importance, and visual cues (such as the washing machine) to reinforce what they are talking about














Global Carbon Footprint:

Appeal – This image uses a simple presentation style along with the visual representation of a foot

Retention – Iconic memory, larger circles represent larger polluters, and the representation of the foot helps reinforce the image

Comprehension – The visual hierarchy shows the larger polluters, which are color coded based on continents









The Evolution of Television: 

Appeal – The graphic uses a simple presentation, calming colors,  and discusses an interesting topic

Retention – Visual representation of each type of television along with its year

Comprehension – Easy to understand thanks to simple presentation and visual representations